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In April 2005, five people, our distinguished Founders, decided to start a charitable organization dedicated to assisting the impoverished rural Indian children to afford them a chance  to become healthy, educated and successful citizens. Our first project started with St. Francis Xavier Orphanage in Andhra Pradesh, India, providing shelter and schooling for fifty or more children. See their pictures in our Projects page.


Leif Stolee, our principal Founder, was instrumental in gathering members, establishing the society and securing its incorporation as a registered charity in December 2005.

You can check the registry details on the Links page.


We are proud to honour the five Founding Life Members to whom our society owes a great debt of gratitude:

How we started

Leif Stolee

Dr. Ram Mehta

Ian McClelland

Dr. Harry Hess

Harchand Grewal

We are a registered charity. Today we have 123 members (65 being life members) but who knows how many we shall have tomorrow?


Most of our members live in Alberta. Some live in Ontario and in Victoria. Some even live as far away as Singapore.

We invite you to Contact Us and become a member.


Our society is managed by our Board of Directors made up currently of the following nine unpaid volunteer members:


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